Monday, July 10, 2017

You Know How There's Always "That Person" Who Ruins It For Everyone Else?

Since no one reads past headlines and captions before reacting to a story anymore, I direct your attention to my take on this poorly written article from KING5 news:

"Puyallup couple lucky at casino, unlucky with feds"
"Court records show the couple won $1,604,652 on slot machines. They also received more than $80,000 in Social Security disability benefits." (KING 5 Facebook caption 7/9/17)

Did you read the article? All of it?


You know how there's always someone out there who ruins it for everyone else? This is the kind of article people point to when they want to be right about welfare and social security fraud.

-Though Mann's disability is legitimate, she did break the law by not declaring her casino winnings. Social Security Disability fraud is rare. So is welfare fraud.*

"Court records show that gambling winnings from Mann and her husband since 2012 have totaled $1,604,652 on slot machines. Records show that during the same time period, Mann received more than $80,000 in Social Security disability benefits, food stamps, and medical coverage."

-THIS HAPPENED OVER THE COURSE OF FIVE YEARS. The article makes it seem like people roll around in money when receiving Social Security Disability benefits. Yeah, no. The Facebook caption for this article in particular is very misleading.

By sensationalising something society already loves the taste of invented blood for, this article adds heavily to the stigma for those who legitimately qualify for and use services.

*I'm not in a good enough mental place to be able to navigate the jumble of actual research out there in a way that makes sense to link here. I tried, y'all. Go forth and use your critical thinking and Google skills!

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