Thursday, September 8, 2016

Audio Hallucinations Part II

Yesterday, Henry and I went to see a movie. Instead of walking into the usual blaring, in your face ads for department stores, TV shows, and Coca-Cola, we found ourselves in a dimly lit, scarcely populated theater surrounded on all sides by whispering ambient cocktail party noise. This new thing might not seem like it deserves more than a passing acknowledgment, but if you experience auditory hallucinations like I do, it could make your blood run cold.
One of my regular hallucinations is literally "ambient cocktail party", so this experience was a major event. I'm glad I was with someone I trust and not alone, so I could ask if what I was hearing was actually there or not and then have a solid anchor until it passed.
I posted this in the blog about four years ago:…/auditory-hallucinations…
"If you've ever truly wondered what auditory hallucinations sound like, this is a fairly accurate (in my experience) representation. Be forewarned, this is potentially unsettling to listen to and the audio kicks right in."
You should definitely use headphones when listening.

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