Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy 5th Anniversary, "Near Syncope"!

Me having a conversation with Molly and Jen in my kitchen on April 2, 2011

For the new people, "syncope" is fainting. I have episodes of "near syncope", wherein I black out for a split second, fall over, and regain consciousness just in time to take a hard seat and/or hit my head on the ground. 

I lost the last job I had due to the initial onset. It happens much more infrequently these days (woo!) and I can better tell when it could be a danger, but I'm still unable to work (boo!). There is still no official reason why this happens, because who needs answers? I know it's the combination of extreme mental and physical factors, so I steer the care I get in that direction. It's not a simple task and slow going, but it's going.

Thanks for sitting on the floor cracking jokes with me after the first episode, bestos! I'm grateful that you happened to be with me when this whole business began and that you're still around today.