Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bye for now, Murky Depths!

Since things had been kinda dark for awhile, I went on a short retreat all by myself last week (and somehow managed to not accidentally maim or kill myself in one facepalm-y way or another). It was a massively necessary and fruitful trip. I was able to get a better handle on what my life is all about within the parameters I've been given, which caused my "resting bitch face" to be interrupted by more smiling than usual and my mania to surge all the way up to "Kool-Aid Man". 

In addition to communing with nature, I did as much writing as I could type and have since been able to hold a pen well enough to do crosswords. My focus has been better the past few days and I feel less stupid since it turns out I'm still capable of completing that kind of puzzle.

Of course, I got so wrapped up in my successes of the past week that I immediately forgot how weak my entire body is right now, did too many things in a row, and now have persistent double vision and full body complaints from "getting things done" and arranging myself into optimum crossword doing position. Classic Melissa. Back to eyepatch training and needing a shower spotter. (No, I will probably never learn.)


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