Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Emergency Surrealism

So last night, I leave the theater in the middle of "How To Train Your Dragon II" for an asthma attack.

I stumble into the ER, struggling to breathe: 

-"Hi, do you need labor and delivery?" 
-A distraught baby comes in, whom I can do nothing to help, which triggers my PTSD of the same. 
-A Code Blue alarm goes off, triggering my PTSD of the same.
-"Just try and stay calm," says a nurse, unaware, as she catches me sobbing the choking cough of an asthmatic who can barely breathe.
-From across the hall, a pack-a-day voice makes sure everyone knows: "And I said 'In the name of Jesus, get outta here, Satan!' Because the color was, y'know..." 
-A Shriner/clown car goes by, tooting its absurd horn.

Womp womp.

I feel like I deserve a punch card for having recently made four trips to the ER in as many months.

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