Friday, May 16, 2014

Gluten-Free Shenanigans

What's with the sheer hate from people who are not affected in any real way by gluten-free situations? There's so much blood in the streets of the internet right now! Yes, people choosing to "go gluten-free" as part of the recent fad may be appropriating legitimate medical issues (and doing those of us who actually have them no favors), but that in and of itself is no skin off my gluten-free nose. The more people choose to eat that way means more options for me at the grocery store and in restaurants. I urge you to see your doctor if you are concerned that gluten might be causing you problems, but in all likelihood - it's not. Sorry. I have plenty of evidence proving that my body and gluten are enemies. I'm choosing not to elaborate because it's NOBODY ELSE'S BUSINESS and I don't have the energy. Why waste yours?

***Edited for clarification (due to comments on shared posts of this blog):

What prompted me to write this are the surprisingly heated, mostly one-sided complaint threads about GLUTEN that have begun scratching through the internet walls. 

This photo:

and the comment threads that follow them around seem to be at the heart of it.

That photo has spawned friends of friends making comments about "f*cking idiots" and "r*tards" and "gluten sensitivity myth" and "sheep". For me, all this does is add insult to injury. I WANT THE GOOD PIZZA ALREADY. COULD YOU AT LEAST INSULT ME WHILE EATING THE GOOD PIZZA?

The link is to a questionable article about ONE study containing only 37 research subjects - the evidence of which is not exactly laid out. If I remember correctly, one study also got us the erroneous "vaccines cause autism!" craze and the "the body needs a certain amount of lead in it to survive!" jaw-dropper.

ANYWAY. The point of my post: Whether or not someone medically needs to eat a gluten-free diet is irrelevant to the lives of everyone else (especially those who are personally unaffected by gluten in any way). Kindly shut it and mind your own.

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  1. THIS THIS THIS. So many pull quotes.

    "True Thing: Each rare condition is rare, but having a rare condition, is not."

    " long as you work from data, create data, and do science, you are officially valid."