Thursday, January 2, 2014

Repost: "You Probably Don't Have Bipolar Disorder (Or One Of These 7 Other Conditions)"

"I miss my black hair I'm so bipolar :( — Kylie Jenner"

"You Probably Don't Have Bipolar Disorder (Or One Of These 7 Other Conditions)" is a good list of diagnoses commonly thrown around and misused by the general public. (Thanks, hot-tipper Millie!)

Armchair medicine seems to be a big credential at parties. Sometimes, when solicited to explain what it's like to have any of the conditions I've been diagnosed with, I get brushed off with "Well, I think *everybody* has that," or "That happens to everyone, so...". No they don't and no it doesn't.

Just because you can't imagine having suffered a more painful headache than the one vodka just gave you or you've simply decided all by yourself that your stomach ache is gluten's fault doesn't mean you have a clue as to how it feels to literally be crippled by a migraine or Celiac disease. (For the record, I do personally know about migraines, but not Celiac disease.) Try keeping that in mind the next time you're positively sure the kid acting out at the park is "on the spectrum" or that you're so "depressed" you don't know what you'll do until the next season of your favorite TV show comes out.

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