Monday, January 20, 2014

Internet Lies

Thank you to everyone I've been corresponding with about the suicide conversation. I have been working on that story as time and energy allow and will put something out as soon as I am able.

Energy is not something I have much of a supply of right now. I'm weathering a pretty major upheaval in my life and my health, which wasn't doing very well before that, has responded poorly. I'm still showing up for life as much as I can, but 80% of my time is being spent sitting quietly and counting my arm hairs while chuckling at the bird variety show outside my window.

I bring this up because the internet can paint false pictures. I want to make sure my friends know I'm not blatantly ignoring them when I say I'm too low energy to get together and then they see pictures online like this:

and this:

which often happen on the same day and look very much like my life is bursting with costume parties I'm not inviting them to. To be fair, there are many events available at any given time for me to get dressed up for, but I only attend a fraction of them (nice problem to have, I know). I try to choose the events that will contain a large number of people I know and love so I can hug them all in a concentrated space. For someone who doesn't actually enjoy the act of dressing up all that much, I am blessed with an extensive costume closet/room/apartment that I can pull outfits from at a moment's notice. My entire magpie life has been dedicated to this purpose.

The first event of the day was a friend's music video shoot and the second was a private party. (Ok, this is evidence that the life I have carved out for myself is freakin' awesome!) I was only able to shoot one scene of the video and spent the majority of the time sitting around watching the rest of the fun (which is often how these things go for me and I do enjoy watching the parts I can't participate in). I lasted less than half an hour at the private party due to a series of unfortunate events I don't feel like detailing here.

Today, I'm hiding out to recuperate and catch up on my bird stories. See you in a week, party times!

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