Friday, December 27, 2013

Repost: "This Is What Disability Binarism Looks Like"

Many thanks to hot-tipper Caroline for this link. Relating to the relations of the relatable over here!

That Crazy Crippled Chick: This Is What Disability Binarism Looks Like

"I exist on the grey area of disability, the part where things are neither black nor white.  I am neither wholly visibly disabled, nor wholly invisibly disabled.  I walk on my own, and yet, I use a wheelchair.  More people are with me in the grey area than you think.  Not everything is black and white.  And that is the core of disability binarism - the concept that things are all or nothing - you are either low-functioning or high functioning.  You're either "wheelchair bound" or you can walk.  You're either totally deaf, or you hear fine.  Get the picture?"

"This, THIS is why when I get on a bus with my scooter, I sit in it and ride, even though it's less safe, even though my scooter has tipped over on buses before. THIS is why I don't just park my scooter outside a bathroom stall and walk in. THIS is why, when I go out in public, I let people think that I'm a full-time chair user. THIS is why 99% of my college campus had no idea I can walk. Because of attitudes like this. Because of ableism like this."

Friday, December 20, 2013

What part of "rescue inhaler" do people not understand?

RAGE. I remember having to keep my no-fun-for-anyone medication in the front office at school. Good thing I had "smuggled" an inhaler into the locker room when I had an asthma attack after being forced by my gym teacher to "run a mile". (Oh, yeah. Everyone thought I was faking being sick even though I had multiple doctor's notes.)

Inhaler zero tolerance policy at school leads to 12 year old's death

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Punch & Pills & Pie & Promo!

Yesterday, I spent an incredibly fun afternoon shooting ridiculously amazing photos with Lou of Louography-Photography. That is indeed my personal cane collection and medication regimen (give or take a few off-camera or candy-colored options). Here are the gems:

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Repost: "'Disabled' Mannequins Remind Us That Beautiful Doesn't Mean 'Perfect' (VIDEO)"

This story made me grin the grin of the completely delighted!

"'Disabled' Mannequins Remind Us That Beautiful Doesn't Mean 'Perfect' (VIDEO)"

"Pro Infirmis, an organization for the disabled, created a series of mannequins based on real people with physical disabilities, working with individuals like Jasmine Rechsteiner, a Miss Handicap winner who has spine malformations, and Erwin Aljukić, an actor with brittle bone disease. The project's title? "Because Who Is Perfect? Get Closer.'"

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Repost: "Helpful Advice"

If physical ailments were treated the same way as mental ones, maybe more unafflicted people would understand just how ridiculous these comments can be when referring to depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc.